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450 Bushmaster Legal in Minnesota

The reason there was only one shotgun was the fear that rifle harvesting would be allowed. You can use a front magazine that fires the same bullets as the 450, and even pistols that fire bullets into the caliber of the rifle, and that`s legal in the shotgun area. I think it`s a great weapon for anything you want to hunt in the U.S. at that 200-yard distance. I shot pigs and a big moose cow. Everything fell at once, The Pig was a 100-yard shot and just over 200 pounds, The Moose was about a 40-yard shot. A good friend also took a bear with the 450 and dropped it directly on the bait. I would like it to be legal in the MN. Snail area…

Here`s what “Whitetails Unlimited” said about the 450 Bushmaster after 30 field testers tried it out. “This rifle/bullet would also be ideal for wild boars or any game within 200 meters” The availability of 450 rounds of ammunition is the only thing that would worry me. My father uses a 444 marlin for deer and bears. I think the 450 has 2/3 of the knockdown power of this round. I have never seen a deer that was “too dead.” I contacted the MN DNR about the possibility of a rifle cartridge simply being legalized in shotgun areas, and they explained to me that this was a possibility, but it is not a decision made by the DNR. The legislator must make this change. If you want this to change, contact your legislators and MNR and perhaps something that could be changed in the future. If you`re chasing snail areas or have friends who do, be sure to get the message across that there`s a way not to get stuck with shotguns in the future when they turn to the DNR or its lawmakers. To protect the number of herds, state regulators began requiring hunters to load shotguns with snails only in certain parts of the state. The idea was that they would make it more difficult to hunt and kill the deer.

My son built an AR platform. I shot it several times. It`s a knocker, but I doubt I`d use it beyond 200yds. 45-70 I think it`s more powerful and a little more range. I think that`s what he took with his deer last fall. I knocked him down right away. Should be a large round pig and bear. I have the impression that this is the great misunderstanding with the reason that these areas are only after the DNR shotguns.

The DNR told me that if they only set this up like a shotgun, I think the shotgun area is the only place I would use it. Early reports on the 350 Legend are even better. Otherwise, I don`t think there`s a good reason to use it in the Northwoods rather than other calibers. I shot my last 30 or so white tails with a .257 Roberts with 110gr accubonds from 40 to 265 yards. None of them exceeded 30 meters. I think the slug area has to do with how far it can travel and still has a lot of energy compared to a 12G. Passes a 100 yards a 12G dies big time. The 450 still has 1255 FPS at 300 yards far behind the 12G. They don`t want you to shoot the cow of the next farmer on the road! The executive director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, Craig Engwall, points out that many handguns can load and fire rifle bullets, further blurring the lines. Some areas even allow guns for coyote hunting.

Since neighboring states like Wisconsin abolished their shotgun zones years ago, Engwall said recently, it may be time for Minnesota to do the same. He appeared alongside Swedzinski to speak in support of the bill at a House committee hearing on Wednesday. Swedzinski said the agency, which oversees fishing and hunting in the state, appears to support the bill. No DNR official spoke for or against Wednesday. Officials said that due to the resilience of the deer population and recent advances in gun technology, the areas may no longer be needed. And if a law to get rid of it is passed, it would open up southern and western Minnesota to the use of firearms for the first time in years. In an earlier phone interview, he said support for the elimination proposal had gained ground within the association over the past year. The group`s more than 60 locals approved a resolution to advocate for the hunting rifle to be lifted by a split vote at an annual meeting, he said. “Current technology is moving in this general direction,” Swedzinski said in a recent interview.

House representatives introduced their version of the Area Elimination Act last week, meaning it could be included in a collective bill for future review. Versions of the bill were introduced in both legislative chambers last year. But Rep. Chris Swedzinski, R-Gent, the main sponsor of the House bill, said that was no longer the case. Modern shotguns and handguns, some types of which are also allowed in areas, have a range and performance comparable to modern rifles. This field will disappear once you are logged in as a member. × your link has been automatically integrated. Instead, show as a link State lawmakers and regulators seem to be warming up at the thought of simply eliminating shotgun hunting areas in Minnesota. I agree that this is probably only beneficial in the shotgun area. Usually, I don`t hunt shotgun areas, but it would be nice to have the option. In addition, it would help me to justify to the woman that I can also use my pig gun for the deer. By huntnfish, March 19, 2019 in MN Shooting Sports-Muzzleloader Hunting-Gun Talk × Your previous content has been restored.

Editor-in-chief Engwall said some members of the group who voted against the resolution did so out of concern for the safety of hunters. But the state`s position on the bill, he said, is a sign that security may not be at risk. Does anyone have a 450 Bushmaster? I first heard about it when I watched a video on YouTube. The ballistics is very similar to a 45-70 and it appears to have been designed for states that allow a right-walled rifle cartridge in shotgun areas like Iowa and Michigan. I look at it to take charge of pig hunting and maybe use deer hunting in the forest. Exactly at 200-250 and should beat like a ton of bricks. This cartridge is now available in a bolt gun and an AR-15. Only shotgun areas have been used in Minnesota in one form or another for decades, although their boundaries have changed over time. They have less to do with the safety of hunters, officials said, than with managing the deer population. × You cannot insert images directly. Download or paste images from the URL.

“And it seems he did it in a number of ways,” Engwall said. If you want to have access to member-only forums on FM, you need to register or register now. All of this raises the question, Engwall said, of whether restricting guns for deer has outlived its usefulness. I stopped by the fleet store today and noticed more ammunition for the 450. Hornady has a few different flavors, Federal has some in its Fusion lineup, and Remington has a few. The Federal and Hornady American Whitetail, like the other calibers in these lines, were lead softpoints. Hornady has 2 different boxes that were balls with tilts and I didn`t check the Remington. You can publish now and sign up later. If you have an account, log in now to publish with your account. Note: Your post must be approved by the moderator before it can be viewed.

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