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Mn New Laws 2021

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In a few days, new laws passed during the 2021 legislature will go into effect. So what will change and how will it affect you? Here are some new laws that state lawmakers want to make sure they`re on your radar: This year`s new laws include many points of interest for cities, including passing a payroll bill for frontline workers, replenishing the federal unemployment trust fund, increasing broadband funding, the implementation of the opioid settlement agreement, a measure to share mental health data, a provision that simplifies employee background checks, and much more. Years prior to 2005 will be distributed in PDF format and are available on the main page of the new laws. The new laws for 2022 revise the system of confiscation of assets in criminal matters. Forfeiture notices must include a warning to the person (not the driver) who “may have ownership interest in a seized vehicle to assert an innocent property claim.” Legislation now specifies the specific means by which law enforcement or other law enforcement agencies may use confiscated funds. The lawmakers noted that the Audit Office will monitor the effectiveness of expiration lock or contact lock programs in DWI cases and report its findings by January 2025. The publication of summaries of the 2022 laws includes laws affecting cities enacted during the 2022 legislature. The legislature sent 99 chapters of the new law to Governor Tim Walz during the 2022 legislature. The league`s 2022 law summaries will help you understand how these new laws will affect cities. The publication summarizes the relevant new laws, but is not intended to be a comprehensive legal opinion. The 2022 Law Summaries Document also highlights relevant bills for cities that have not entered into force. On this page, you can filter new laws by entering a year, topic, or text. When you enter criteria, all matching stories are displayed.

Click on “View History” to learn more about the passed law. On the New Laws search page, you can view all the laws for the selected year and quickly change the year you are looking for. If you have any questions about the laws or regulations summarized in the 2022 Law Summaries, please contact a member of the League`s Intergovernmental Relations Department. The initials of the best contact person for a particular law are listed at the end of each summary. A key for the initials can be found on page 4 of the 2022 Legislative Summaries. Extraordinary Session Laws are listed with all other Acts and designated as such. You can filter to see only the laws passed during the special session by checking the box above. Opioid testing limits will be repealed in legislation that comes into effect next month. Lawmakers say medical assistance must “cover testing and urinalysis testing for opioids with no lifetime or annual limit.” In January, Minnesota driver`s licenses “cannot be suspended as a result of a conviction for driving after suspension, driving after revocation, or solely because of a person`s failure to pay a speeding ticket, parking fine, or surcharge following a conviction for driving or parking ticket.” The DPS also cannot suspend the driver`s licence if he does not appear in court for minor offences. In addition, three new special license plates will be available – the Minnesota 100 Club, Agriculture and the Honorary Consul.

Note: New legislative data for 1996 are not available in electronic form. A number of campaign finance changes will come into effect in January, including extending the definition of “strong support” to certain types of political communication, “even if they do not use words or expressions of explicit support.” If the law you are looking for has not been found, please make sure that your search information is correct. Always check the spelling, year, and criteria of the topic when looking for a new story to read. While some changes may go unnoticed by most Minnesotans, others can directly affect you and your family. The section on “bills that have not been passed” includes several bills that have not been passed, including the highly controversial zoning and land use laws.

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