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Welcome to Discover Smiles Dental

Discover Smiles Dental is a leading dental clinic in las vegas Which provides exceptional & comprehensive dental care and treatments. Besides offering a range of dental treatments for all your dental woes, we do everything additional to make your visit comfortable. A clinic with exquisite family dentistry services and care for your entire family.

Being a dental professional with rich experience of the industry, we know how precious your teeth are and thus offer assistance and guidance to you for maintaining your oral & dental health. We encourage all the people to foster great dental hygiene routine and give their best shot in maintaining the teeth and gums in the best conditions.
At Discover Smiles Dental, our mission is to make more and more people aware of the importance of oral health and offer exclusive treatment options using the latest technologies for dental problems of all kinds.

About Dr. Khairah

Dr. Khairah is a seasoned dentist with years of experience and knowledge base. He has completed his general dentistry and dental surgery from UOP School. Dr. Khairah also holds a post-graduation diploma in the information Tech field and thus has greater know-how of technologies.

Dr. Khairah has a clear vision to offer greater and more efficient dental care and treatment to his patients. To ensure that he succeeds in this endeavor, he devotes himself to rigorous research on dentistry & finding out the ways to make oral health easy accessible for all the people suffering with dental woes.

Our Services and Specialties

At Discover Smiles Dental, we offer our patients with assurance of the best oral health care while maintaining a friendly environment at the clinic. We are specialize in the General Dentistry and offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments under one roof.

Best kids dentist near me

Discover Smiles Dental is a complete family dentist clinic with specialized care for kids dental health and problems. When you search for the best kids dentist near me in Las Vegas, Dr. Khairah is a prominent result. The deep understanding of the dental science and passion towards making your smiles perfect makes us the perfect dental clinic for family dentistry services.

Unlike adults, special care needs to be taken while treating kids dental problems. As the best children’s dentist near me, we understand the sensitive nature of children teeth and ensure that proper care and treatment is provided to them to treat existing problems as well as prevent future complications.

From mild X-ray diagnostic to proper care for kid’s teeth, you can consult with your trusted dentist, Dr. Raj to find a safe solution for a perfect smile of your child.

Trust us for your smiles

In our decade long presence in the dental industry, we have earned a lot of respect and trust from our customers. Dr. Gurpreet Khairah is a qualified professional with an extensive background and premium record of offering reliable and result-oriented treatment. Besides offering you the best treatment and solutions for your concern, we also ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable or intimidated while discussing your dental problems with us. Our facility as well as each member of the team is dedicated to make your dental clinic visit a happy experience that shows in the perfect smile you flash while leaving us post procedure.

Our Team


Dana is originally from Orange County, California. She has been in the dental field for 20 years. Her vast dental knowledge not only compliments our practice when providing quality treatment but adds to a much more comfortable dental experience for our patients. Dana will go the extra mile to help ensure every patient has a seamless and enjoyable visit at Discover Smiles Dental.


Claudia was born in Mexico and lived in Las Vegas for 20 years. She has been a dental assistant for three years. After having had several bad dental experiences, Claudia wanted to make a difference as a dental assistant. She strives to help her patients feel comfortable and have the best possible experience during their visits and procedures. She loves traveling, socializing with friends, and trying new restaurants during her free time.


Jackie was born and raised in California and lived in Las Vegas for about 15 years. She has been a Dental Assistant for 27 years and has worked with Dr. Khairah for nearly 12 years. Jackie’s goal is to make her patients feel comfortable and help them get through treatment so they can have a healthy and beautiful smile. She loves watching movies, enjoys dancing, and has a diverse taste in music.  




Tiffenie Rodilosso was born and raised in Arizona and moved to Las Vegas in 2003. She has been a dental assistant for over 19 years and has worked with Dr. Khairah for eight years. She is a very positive person and loves helping her patients achieve their dental goals. She loves every aspect of what she does. When she’s not helping her patients, she enjoys trying new recipes, watching movies, and taking road trips with her family.



Daniel is originally from Buffalo, New York, and has practiced dental hygiene in Las Vegas since 1999. Daniel understands that dentistry can be overwhelming for some patients. He acknowledges his patients’ dental fears and takes great pride in creating a comfortable experience for them and educating them on proper tools and techniques to maximize their overall dental health. In his words, “I am happy to be a part of this amazing team.” His hobbies include cooking and working out. I also consider myself a “movie buff”.

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