Dental Bridges

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What are Dental Bridges?

Missing teeth not only affect eating efficiency but also impacts on your self-esteem as well. If someone has multiple missing teeth dental bridges are the pertinent way to retain your beautiful smile once again.

There are numerous options and procedures available to have missing teeth replaced. Dental bridges are among the most authentic way but before going to have it practiced one must have to approach professional dentists.

Dental bridges are considered the cosmetic procedures to improvise the facial appearance but it doesn’t limits to retain looks only but can prevent future dental decay.   People with missing teeth have a higher risk of developing gum problems, periodontal disease and more. A dental bridge is a type of dental component used to restore or permanently replace one or more missing teeth. In addition to assisting in the prevention of teeth problems, bridges can help a person speak more clearly and smile more confidently.

Types of Dental Bridges
There are 2  kinds of dental bridges available:conventional, and cantilever. Dentists consider Conventional  bridges the best alternative as opposed to the Cantilever Bridges

Implant Supported Bridge it is increasingly becoming popular because it doesn’t affect the adjacent tooth and is most robust and durable.

 A cantilever bridge is used when there is only one anchor tooth available to support the missing teeth.

Dental bridge front teeth
Having a missing tooth or teeth at the frontal area of your mouth might be too embarrassing. You can easily get over this shortcoming by availing a dental bridge front teeth treatment at Discover Smiles Dental. This procedure is a little more complicated than fixing the dental bridge in any other area because of the high pressure on the biting incisors. The dentist would skillfully fit two crowns on either side of the missing teeth/tooth to ensure they are fitted perfectly.

Whether you are missing a tooth or want to get them extracted due to any reason, front teeth dental bridges are a great way to ensure you do not hesitate while talking or smiling in social arrangements. You can discuss your concerns with the dentists at Discover Smiles Dental and ensure that you get a reliable and trusted solution.

Who are the Best Candidates?
Individuals who have one or more missing teeth are most appropriate to have bridges. There are different options for bridges that are available depending on the severity of the damage. Our expert dentists can help you with choosing the most suitable procedure among the available options.

Implementation of Bridges
The dental bridges process involves creating crowns for the area of the missing tooth and placing them accurately. It starts with the abutment. The dentist administers local anesthesia, to clean and prepare these teeth to become robust support for the bridge. The initial phase involves decreasing the size of the abutments to perfectly fit the pontic teeth.

After this, dentists obtain an impression of the adjacent teeth, which is sent to a lab to create the final dental bridge. They fit your teeth with a temporary bridge until it completes your final one in the lab. These temporary bridges also function to protect your teeth from injury and decay. At the end, the dentist will contact you to return to their office to remove the temporary bridge and replace them with the final one. They are easy to maintain and taking care of.

Important Considerations:
As a reliable and experienced dentist in Las Vegas, we ensure that each procedure that we undertake has the best results to offer. Educating the patients about dental bridges, its use, and how it is a reliable solution is one of the key aims of our experts. Here is what you must know about dental bridges before you undergo a dental bridge procedure:

  • Dental bridges are removable and convenient to use .
  • It can last for more than 10 years, if maintained properly.
  • Adjustment period of dental bridges is quite short.
  • This procedure is cost-effective.

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