How to Clean and Maintain your Dental Implants

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Dental implant treatment is common now as more and more patients choose it over traditional practices. Dental implants are more comfortable and reliable as compared to conventional options. You must choose dental implants in Las Vegas if you have lost one or more teeth and regain a perfect smile. Dental implants bond with the bone and make artificial teeth look completely normal in your dental setting. While the efficacy of dental implants depends on the expertise of the dentist, it is also important to maintain and clean them to enjoy the benefits. 

Often, people with Dental Implants Las Vegas have little or no knowledge about the maintenance and cleaning of dental implants. To help such people, here we have offered some tips on cleaning and maintain dental implants.

1. Make Sure your Toothbrush has Soft Bristles

Soft bristles are gentle on your gums and hence they do not hurt or make your gums bleed. However, their softness does not mean that you have to compromise on the cleanliness standards. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are as effective in removing plaque and tartar as any hard or medium bristled toothbrush. It is even better if you use an electric toothbrush.

2. Water Flosser is the Best

Water flosser is also known as an oral or dental water irrigator. It is very effective and can reach and disrupt bacteria that sit 6mm deep in your mouth. Water flossers are recommended over traditional flossers as they eliminate more deeply and efficiently. It also ensures that the bacteria is flushed out of the mouth without any residue left. 

3. Brush Twice a Day

Whether you have dental implants or not, you must not compromise on brushing twice a day. Brushing kills the bacteria and makes your mouth fresh. It also eliminates bad breath and prevents plaque build-up. It is important to brush your teeth when you have food particles or bacteria accumulated. 

4. Smoking and Drinking Alcohol is a Big No

If you have dental implants, it is recommended to quit smoking as well as drinking alcohol. It takes almost 6 months for dental implants to recover. If you smoke during this period, it can cause problems. Also, drinking and smoking can stain dental implants. 

5. Bite and Chew Properly

Do not eat in a hurry as this can cause damage to dental implants. However, this does not mean that eating in a jiffy once in a while can break your dental implant. However, if you always eat in a hurry and give no importance to proper biting and chewing, you will have to deal with the consequences.

As per the best dentists in Las Vegas, dental implants are very reliable. If you know how to maintain them and keep them clean, you can easily take advantage of them for several years. They feel much like natural teeth and are also tough to identify from natural teeth in your dental structure. Follow these tips and enjoy a clean and healthy mouth with dental implants.

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