The fear around Teeth Whitening: Myths busted!!!

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We all want to have sparkling white smiles because it doesn’t only improve the appearance of the one but also helps in having an increased confidence level. This is the reason why there are the best teeth whitening Las Vegas services are available to help one to get the white teeth enhancing the aesthetic dental appearance. But some people have several myths regarding teeth whitening services. Like some think that it is just a waste of money while some say that it causes damage to teeth. If you want to know the myths existing about it then have a look:

Myth no. 1: It makes one’s teeth sensitive 

The fact is different from it. Yes, during the teeth bleaching services, the patient can feel sensitivity in teeth but only those who have a history of sensitivity in teeth. But you don’t have to worry as it is a temporary sensitivity and dentists have numerous numbers of gels that are used to prevent the sensitivity during as well as after the treatment. So, in the end, you would not feel any sensitivity in your teeth. Though it is recommended you tell the dentist if you have a sensitivity problem in the past also before getting the treatment.  

Myth no. 2: Over the counter products are the same as teeth whitening dental services 

Sodium chlorite is one of the main ingredients that are present in almost all the over the counter products used for teeth whitening. But this makes teeth susceptible to surface abrasion after a certain period. While on the other hand, hydrogen peroxide is used mainly in the teeth whitening dental services which do not cause any damage to the teeth while cleaning their surface. 

Myth no. 3: It ruins teeth enamel

Many people consider that teeth whitening can ruin the teeth enamel but the fact is completely different because it is quite a safe procedure that does not cause any harm to teeth. But it is recommended you visit only the best doctor and don’t get caught in the scam of any beautician using just over the counter products providing effective results. 

Myth no. 4: It is painful to get the treatment

Some people have a misconception that the process of getting whiter teeth is quite painful but the reality is completely different because you won’t even get to know that you are getting the treatment. While in case if you are experiencing any kind of stinging or burning to cease then you should consult your dentist and should tell them about it. The dentist will help you and you will feel normal in a short period. So, in the end, you don’t have to worry about any kind of pain during the process because there is no pain associated with this treatment.    

If you are hesitating to get the teeth whitening services because of the above-written myths then it is time to burst it and to visit the best dentists in Las Vegas to have a beautiful and charming smile on your face.     

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