Why are my teeth stained?

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There are endless numbers of reasons why teeth get stained. The main reasons behind the teeth staining are your food and drink choices. The stain occurs on the surface of the teeth or below the teeth enamels. The good news is that many of these stains are treatable and preventable. Check out the normal causes of tooth staining and what types of tooth staining are present out there. 

 Types of tooth staining are:

There are three main types of teeth staining which are known as extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related. 

Extrinsic staining: In this kind of tooth staining, the staining occurs at the surface of the tooth and it just affects the tooth enamel. Food, beverages, and tobacco are considered the most common causes of extrinsic staining. 

Intrinsic staining: This type of staining is located in the teeth enamel. The most common causes of this type of staining are certain medications, trauma, and injury to a tooth, too much fluoride, genetics, and tooth decay. It often appears grayish. 

Age-related: With the passage of age, the enamel on your teeth begins to wear away which makes the entire tooth color yellowish and reduces the aesthetic appearance of a person. Age-related discoloration happens because of both the extrinsic and intrinsic staining causes also. If you take care of your oral health properly and avoid foods that cause tooth staining then you can keep your smile beautiful for a long time. 

If you see any signs of tooth staining then visit the dental teeth cleaning Las Vegas to remove these signs at the earlier stage else it can lead to big problems.  

Factors that cause tooth staining!!!

Tooth staining is one of the most common oral problems that is why people choose teeth cleaning services. It further leads to the problems like tooth cavities also therefore you first have to look for the Affordable Dental Fillings Las Vegas and then get the tooth cleaning services to retain a beautiful smile on your face. Check the things that you should remove as soon as possible. 


Thousands of bacteria present in the mouth mix up with the saliva and generate lots of health problems including dental problems. They first generate tartar and then they lead to serious problems like plaque. Tartar is one of the most common reasons behind tooth staining and tooth decay. 

Poor oral hygiene is the reason behind the tartar build-up. Once the tartar is formed then only a dentist can remove it therefore you should look for teeth cleaning services. 

Tooth decay 

Plaque and tartar are the reasons behind tooth decay which leads to further problems like tooth cavities and others. The acid forms weaken the enamel and create a yellowish color on the tooth causing numerous numbers of tooth problems. 

Tooth staining leads to lots of further problems if these are not treated at the right time. Make sure you visit the right dental cleaning professional services instantly when you see any problem. 

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