How to Get Rid of Teeth Grinding Habit:

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Many people grind and clench their teeth and this grinding and clenching of teeth are known as Bruxism. Though it doesn’t create any harm if faced regularly may damage a person’s teeth and overall oral health complications. It is recommended to seek trusted dental care as soon as possible. 

Causes of BRUXISM

  • Teeth grinding can be caused by anxiety and stress and often occurs during the night while sleeping.
  • Abnormal bite, missing and abnormal teeth can also cause Bruxism.
  • Sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea is also one of the common causes of Bruxism.

If the problem is very intensive, you must think of reaching out to an emergency dentist in Las Vegas.

Symptoms of BRUXISM

As teeth grinding is something that a person experiences during his sleep, so he either gets to know about it from a sleeping partner or notices symptoms like regular headaches and/or are jaw. Teeth grinding is harmful if it is chronic. A person may get his tooth fractured, loosened, and/or lost in case of chronic teeth grinding. It may not only harm one’s teeth but can also damage jaws and even change his face appearance. 

Protection Measures

If you come across this problem then your dentist is the right person to consult. He may suggest a few remedies that may solve your problem to some extent and in some cases thoroughly. 

Following are the remedies suggested by the best dentists in Las Vegas NV:

  • Mouthguard/Splints

Mouthguard is a kind of splint which works by cushioning the teeth and stopping them from grinding. They are either custom made by the dentists or can also be purchased Over the Counter (OTC). These guards reduce the strain on your jaw. Though custom made mouthguards are a little more expensive but are better than Over the Counter guards as they fit specifically to your jaw’s shape and size. OTC mouth guards may be a good option if you are not facing severe teeth grinding problem. 

  • Reductive Coronoplasty

If teeth grinding is caused due to misaligned, over-crowded, and/or crooked teeth then Reductive Coronoplasty is an effective way to cure teeth grinding. In this procedure, the biting surface of the teeth is levelled or reshaped. Sometimes the dentist even builds up the teeth as per the requirement. 

  • Botox

 Some dentists use Botulinum toxin popularly known as Botox to treat teeth grinding. They reduce the frequency of pain and teeth grinding effectively. Botox injections may need to be repeated for treating teeth grinding. Research is still on for the effectiveness and safety of these injections. It has its own set of risks and benefits so before you opt for this treatment it is very much advisable to discuss all the pros and cons of it. 

  • Biofeedback

Though the effectiveness of Biofeedback is not very significant this technique is used by biofeedback Therapists who teach the patient to control their jaw muscle movements by feedback generated via electromyography

  • Stress Reduction

Many times, teeth grinding happens due to mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. In such cases, stress reduction techniques can be very beneficial in reducing or even completely curing teeth grinding. 

Other than above said techniques, there are certain self-care tips that can help you in curing teeth grinding which may include Meditation, Yoga, Talk Therapy, Facial Exercises, and limiting the intake of alcohol and any other narcotic substance. 


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