What are the different Baby Bottle caries and how does it affect oral health?

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Yes, feeding milk to little one through bottles is one of the most common practices that has been done globally. Since ages, mothers tend to feed their kids in bottles. But have we ever thought about it and pay attention to it whether we are doing the right practice or not. Do these bottles harm the oral health of your kid? So, should we stop feeding our kids with these bottles? These might be some of the questions that would be there in your mind right now and yes, you should also give a thought to these questions. 

Affect over baby’s oral health because of bottle-feeding 

Dental decay is one of the most common effects of bottle feeding. Dental decay is popular with other names such as baby bottle decay and nursing bottle decay. 

What is dental decay?

Dental decay is nothing but the common tooth decay that has been caused because usually, children sleep with their bottles in their mouths. This causes extensive destruction to the infant’s milk teeth. All of those who hold the bottles and pacifiers in their mouth for a longer duration of time have to face the dental decay problem. Having the nipple of the bottle inside the mouth for a longer time provides a favorable environment to bacteria for their growth which affects the oral health of a kid. 

Tooth decay is also a common problem among adults and older people. If you are also the one who is suffering from a tooth decay problem then look for the best dentists in Las Vegas and visit a dentist. 

What are the several causes of baby bottle decay?

  • Food products such as honey, fruit juices that contain sugar are the main reason behind tooth decay. 
  • Children who have been affected by sleep disorders are also facing the problem. 
  • Feeding at night can also cause tooth decay especially when you left teeth with food and sleep without cleaning it after feeding. 
  • The less baby weight is also the main cause behind the baby bottle decay. 


Tips to prevent baby bottle decay!!!

Considering the baby bottle decay, it is important to create awareness among parents regarding the oral health of their kids. Have a look at different tips to prevent baby bottle decay. 

  • Make sure your child does not sleep while having the nipple of the bottle inside the mouth. 
  • Breastfeeding is a better option than bottle feeding for children. 
  • Make sure you clean the mouth of your kid after bottle feeding with the help of the water. 
  • Myths should be clarified before you believe them. 
  • If possible, break the habit of bottle feeding. 

Remember that the oral health of your child is in your hands so make sure you pay complete attention to it. You should also take your children for regular dental checkups so that oral hygiene can be maintained. Look for the teeth cleaning near me services at any time and get the best dental services in your area. 


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